Art Nude

Fine art nude imagery has been around for centuries, back to the great Italian masters, and is one of the oldest depictions of the human form.

The term fine art nude is used for an object of art with a nude human figure making up about one half of the surface area and is not intentionally erotic. It does not involve the subject interacting with anyone or the face of the nude as a prominent feature. The nude human form presented is revealed as an object of art and not a person with reference to his or her social relationships and behavioral patterns.

Ruth Bernhard was one of the earliest to describe her photographs as “art nudes”. She particularly noted that she never photographed a nude with the subject looking into the lens. During an interview with Donna Conrad, the 95 year old Bernhard compared her nude photographs to those of Jock Sturges, saying: “I never have made a nude where there is a facial expression.”

If you’ve ever considered having some artistic nude photos taken of yourself, but were worried about the results, then a fine art nude session could be the answer. With skill and good taste, a nude photo session can create breathtaking, stunning pictures that you can proudly display in your own home.

Photographic sessions can be indoor or outdoor, at various locations and can be fully nude or include some clothing. They are completely different from glamour sessions, making an artful statement and being utterly tasteful. Think Christine Keeler on her chair, or that famous Grace Jones album cover; not Playboy magazine.

As a result, you will have a set of striking, limited edition photographic prints to hang on your walls, only available on canvas, on acrylic, or framed.

Prices are based on regular portrait sessions but also depend on the location, so please contact me to discuss what you would like.

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